ZOPS is a Dead Ops Arcade-inspired prototype game made by RBD Interactive. I created a couple of tracks for it, listed below.

Basically, the player kills zombies in various locations. I made the action track “Overrun” for the first level, then followed it up with “Zanta’s Domain”, an orchestral piece meant to accompany a limited Christmas event. I had a lot of fun referencing public domain music in that one. The final track, “Fifty To One”, was intended for an Area 51-themed level. I don’t believe this was ever included in the game.

Genres: Shooter, Zombies

Developer: RBD Interactive

Status: Prototype (2019)

Play the game on itch.io


ZOPS screenshot
Fighting zombies
ZOPS screenshot
Zoomed out
ZOPS screenshot
Game Over

Game Art

ZOPS screenshot
Christmas update #1
ZOPS screenshot
Christmas update #2