Where's Mom?

"Where's Mom?" is a horror game by BitCave in collaboration with RBD Interactive. The player is the eldest daughter of a single mother living in seclusion in the woods. Adda, her little sister, has fallen ill and needs a potion to survive the night.

This soundtrack gave me a chance to delve a little bit into dark fantasy. Stylistically, it's almost a cross between the moody, solo string-based sound of Cabin and the medieval instrumentation I used for Nehemiah. Because there are several sections in the game where the player is exploring and looking for items, much of the music is ambient. The main theme, a simple haunting melody most prominently heard in "Title Theme", reappears in various forms throughout the soundtrack.

Genres: Horror

Developer: BitCave, RBD Interactive

Status: Released (2022)

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Where's Mom? screenshot
Where's Mom? screenshot
Where's Mom? screenshot