This is my soundtrack for Nehemiah, an RPG by Lovell Games based on the Bible book of the same name. The game is made using RPG Maker and follows Nehemiah’s quest to rebuild Jerusalem.

When I first got involved in the project, the game was using a lot of stock music. As development work on the game itself progresses, track by track we are slowly replacing this with original music that is more tailored to the game's own distinctive style.

The time period of Nehemiah suggests influences like ancient Persia. However, given the game’s anime-inspired visual style and penchant for anachronism, I find my music drifting towards a sort-of medieval/fantasy middle ground. Besides my usual staple of orchestral libraries, I leaned heavily on ERA Medieval Legends for this soundtrack – which is still in progress, so watch out for updates!

Genres: Bible, JRPG

Developer: Lovell Games

Status: In development (2022)

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Nehemiah screenshot
Nehemiah cracks a joke
Nehemiah screenshot
Battle screen
Nehemiah screenshot
A dialogue choice
Nehemiah screenshot
Meeting Asaph