Once again, RBD Interactive has delivered a short narrative horror game, this time centred on an airplane passenger named Steve. Returning home from a camping trip, Steve is a man who carries some luggage.

Shorter than the Antler soundtrack, my previous horror collaboration with RBD, the Luggage soundtrack consists of one main piece and a combination of short ambient and incidental tracks. "Airport" is a two-and-a-half minute background track that sets the mood for the game, while a piano arrangement of this theme serves as title screen music.

Having the story set in the 1970s gave me some ideas for the instrumentation. I made a point of adding some light drum and bass to my horror palette, as well as some jazzy brass. I'm not sure I stayed true to the time period in doing so, but I've heard the end result described as having a noir feel to it and I'm quite content with that.

Genres: Horror

Developer: RBD Interactive

Status: Released (2022)

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Luggage screenshot
"Don't forget your luggage, sir!"
Luggage screenshot
A taxi awaits