Fist Fury: Chapter 0

Fist Fury is a fighting game by Shinado Uzake with a cute pixel art look and an emphasis on martial arts. Anime soundtracks were a major inspiration for my music for this game. I made extensive use of the pentatonic scale and open fifths to give the tracks an oriental feel.

There are several recurring themes in the Fist Fury soundtrack. “Battle in the Dream” reuses a melody from “The Dream”, which later makes a cameo appearance in “Rei”. The enigmatic “Sensei” features motifs from the menu music as well as “Battle in the Forest”. Finally, the boss theme “Battle with the Swordsman” is essentially a dark battle version of the sensei theme, representing the hero’s need to apply all that he has learned.

Genres: Fighting, Platformer

Developer: Shinado Uzake

Status: Released (2019)

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Fist Fury: Chapter 0 screenshot
Fist Fury: Chapter 0 screenshot
The town
Fist Fury: Chapter 0 screenshot
Battle in the forest
Fist Fury: Chapter 0 screenshot
The dream