About a year after Cabin, I worked with RBD Interactive on another horror adventure game. This game is called Antler and features a third-person perspective with PlayStation-era graphics.

Since this was my second horror project with RBD, it was important to me that I differentiated the sound of Antler from that of Cabin. To this end, I used more expressive melodies and expanded the instrumentation to make use of more brass, vocals, and a music box. I chose the music box specifically because one of the major characters is a child and its sound is reminiscent of a lullaby.

The slightly longer format of Antler allowed me to play with motifs a lot more. Have a listen and see if you can recognise some of them across the soundtrack!

Cover art by CreepyRebel.

Genres: Horror

Developer: RBD Interactive

Status: Released (2021)

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Antler screenshot
Home interior
Antler screenshot
Into the woods
Antler screenshot
In the boathouse