A Witch's Craft

This is the soundtrack for a game made by RBD Interactive for the JamCraft 4 game jam. If I recall correctly, I had about a week to complete all of it!

In A Witch’s Craft, the player hunted monsters and collected ingredients from them to craft items. This all led up to crafting a magic broomstick that allowed the player to fly across the map. I created an exploration track, a battle track, and a final track for the climactic flight. Sprinkle in a few jingles for crafting recipes of assorted rarity and my witch’s brew is complete.

Unfortunately, the game was taken down by the developer.

Genres: Crafting

Developer: RBD Interactive

Status: Taken down (2019)


A Witch's Craft screenshot
The hut
A Witch's Craft screenshot
Brewing something
A Witch's Craft screenshot
A magic broomstick
A Witch's Craft screenshot
Take flight!