Franklin's Manor

Franklin's Manor 🏰

June 2023

Last year, I worked with RBD Interactive on a new horror game called Franklin's Manor. It got pretty far along, but unfortunately the developer has abandoned the project (at least for now). Of course, this means that the soundtrack is incomplete as well. Still, I'm keen to share what I've created! Please visit the game's soundtrack page, read about it and have a listen.

Kitties' Purrfect Adventures

Kitties' Purrfect Adventures 😻

March 2023

For Christmas '22 and Valentine's Day '23 I made two holiday-themed platform games – Mistletoe's Purrect Christmas and Romeo's Purrfect Valentine. As these games are closely related, I've collected the music I made for them into a single soundtrack. You can listen to it on SoundCloud or play the games on itch. Visit the soundtrack page here for more info. Everything is better with cats!

Ride the Gauntlet

Ride the Gauntlet 🚗

December 2022

I made my first game! Ride the Gauntlet is a one-level prototype of a vertical-scrolling shooter developed by myself using the Godot Engine. Of course, I composed the soundtrack myself too, which you will find on its page here. You can download the game itself on and experience the music the way it was meant to be experienced. Can you make it all the way to the boss?

Dreemore's Battlemon ✨

November 2022

I created a couple of tracks for a charming little fighting game on called Battlemon by Dreemore. Check out the trailer (embedded to the left)! As usual, links to the game itself as well as its full soundtrack can be found on the relevant page here.

Where's Mom? 🌕

September 2022

From BitCave and RBD Interactive comes "Where's Mom?", a game about a family living in the woods with a dark secret. Set to original music produced by me! Play it now on itch and experience the mystery for yourself, or listen to the soundtrack right here. If you want to support my work, the album is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Play Luggage now! 🧳

August 2022

RBD Interactive has released a new short horror adventure – Luggage. Steve's morbid journey home from the airport is accompanied by original music produced by me. Click here to learn more about my soundtrack for the game, as well as where you can play Luggage for yourself.

Nehemiah RPG ⛪

April 2022

Lately, I've been creating original music for an RPG Maker game based on the Bible book of Nehemiah. The game is still in development, but we've been steadily replacing the stock tracks with something tailored to the game's style. More details about the game and the full soundtrack are available here.

Antler is out! 🦌

October 2021

My music is featured in the short horror adventure game Antler, recently released by RBD Interactive on! If you're interested in horror, check out the trailer on YouTube. More details about the game and the full soundtrack are available here.

Game Soundtracks

Other soundtracks 💿

I'm always making more music. Check out my full list of game soundtracks. On each page you'll find a playlist of all the tracks as well as a link to the game itself (if it's available).